Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sensible Restriction?

Rehearsals yesterday and Friday were cancelled.
Turned in my thesis on Friday. Had lots and lots of sugar and carbs (jelly beans, oreos, trail mix).

Yesterday's intake:
Breakfast--an apple
Lunch--plate of tofu with 1/2 cup marinara sauce
Snack--cucumber with spicy brown mustard
Dinner--plate of tofu with 1/2 cup marinara sauce, 2 applesauce-oatmeal cookies with craisins
Pissed about the cookies, but whatever.

It's 1:20 pm. Today's intake so far is a plate of steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and tofu with 1/2 cup marinara sauce.

I think I could keep up this kind of restriction for a while. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and tofu. Gets me about 50 grams of protein a day for about 750 calories. I could increase portions or add oats and peanut butter for breakfast on really intense dance days.

I feel calm about this. It's been a long time since I've felt calm about food. :)

Gym every day starts tomorrow. I'm excited.

Hope you all are doing well.
--The Dancer


  1. I'm a little jealous of your intake. I'm trying to get back to eating clean, simple foods too. At the moment I'm loving yoghurt, apples, grapes, rice, carrots, lettuce, chicken and egg whites. Oats definitely sound like a good idea to get some grains in. It's been too hot here to have oatmeal lately, sad face.
    I love that you're feeling calm about food. I need that right now, for me it helps to not think about food until right before mealtimes, so I don't spend hours pointlessly stressing over what I'll eat.
    Take care lovely. Have a great time at the gym tomorrow! xx

  2. what is this
    vegetables. something i'm probably deeply allergic to.
    i'm also feeling calm about food. TOO calm in fact. this is a strange sense of calm. probably close to normal calm about food. huh fun stuff eh?
    eating clean. what the fuck is that
    i do not like clean foods. i will not suffer. in fact, in my head, it's like "yeah, i'm just going to get up to as much protein as i can". though to have 50g so in 750 calories. jealous.
    i've a 1600 calorie intake planned out today and final protein count comes up to 114. which is good enough.
    you're insane but i love you.

    -Sam Lupin