Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make It Look So Easy

Was it just this weekend I was in LA, feeling skinny(ish), easily eating only healthy food and drinking coffee, walking everywhere, admiring art, happy and feeling free and worldly and, dare I say it, pretty?

And yet right now I feel so incredibly fat and disgusting and terrible. Hideous.
I want the feeling of this weekend back. Pure and happy and free and easy.

Have any of you ever read Arden Leigh's The New Rules of Attraction?
So it's a pick-up guide aimed at women, but please stick with me. I've read it at least three times and, honestly, it doesn't read like a skeezy pick-up guide or an overly emotional, fluffy self-help book. I like it because it reads as a guide to illusion. Of perfection, of creating an over-the-top character of yourself, of beauty and intrigue and making it all look easy.
That's what I want.
Beauty, mystery, artistry, and intrigue.

I'll get there.

Much love.

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