Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Well Hello There

The number on the scale is unspeakable.
It has been for months, honestly, but I haven't had the strength or the drive or the reason to come back here.
But fuck that. I'm not getting into any dance companies doing shit the healthy way, let's see what happens if I do this.

I binged last night, what a surprise. I had actually been good for like four or five days, was feeling good, then, BAM, binge, no purge.
So today (/tomorrow? I'm going to sleep again, it's 4 am) is caffeine and water raw fruits and vegetables for... ahem... cleansing effects... then it will be the start of a Great Fast a la Ana Regzig. Let's go for a week at first. Alternating water fast/juice and smoothie fast/something low-cal but high-protein with lots of exercise. T-30 Days until I head to NYC for two big auditions.

Until then, think thin thoughts, my skinny bitches.
Much love,
--The Dancer

1 comment:

  1. you too. your number on the scale is unspeakable? my number on the scale is unspeakable. what are the chances that we resonate and are talking about the same number?
    I miss hearing from you, you know. you're a gem.
    i'm glad you didn't purge. I really am. the thought of you purging made made me feel sad.
    so we resonate with sleeping schedule. except you go to bed at 4 am, not like 6 am *shudders* bad. bad. bad.
    'cleansing effects'. ah. I see what you did there.
    take care, sweetie. shhhhhhhhh.

    -Sam Lupin