Monday, January 5, 2015

Good Friends and Good Wine

Awwww, you guyyyyyysssss. <3 <3 <3
Sam and Bella, it makes me so happy that you comment so regularly. I love it.
Also, you both are so awesome.
Sam, you're always hilarious and so supportive and fantastic.
Bella, you're always incredibly uplifting in your comments (also, I'm insanely jealous of your sewing skills. You are truly talented).
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

(I might be a little drunk.

So today didn't go QUITE as planned. Woke up early, had my coffee, was super pumped and ready to get my cardio on... and the electronic lock to the gym in my apartment was seriously on the fritz. Beeping/flashing CONSTANTLY, key wouldn't work, so finally I had to give up. Did a teeny tiny bit of upper body work in my apartment instead, but no cardio or real weights for me today.
(On that note: Sam, I have a heart rate monitor (with a chest strap and a watch), but I cannot for the life of me find the strap part right now. I'm too stubborn/cheap to buy another one, because I KNOW it's somewhere, but... yeah. So I average the machine's number and MFP's number and subtract 10% and then consider that a "high estimate.")

Food log today!
Breakfast (mostly sipped between 6:30 and 9:30 am): coffee with soy milk (50 cal), a MASSIVE smoothie with a pear, cherries, spinach, and a splash of soy milk (more cherries and spinach than yesterday, so higher count: 256 this time). Had most of the smoothie before I left the apartment, but a bit of it was left for lunch.
Had my internship from 10-2 (and didn't eat ANY of the snacks there. I win.)
Lunch (2:30ish): the rest of the smoothie plus stir-fried (no oil) broccoli, Costco's "frozen stir fry vegetables," and spinach (154).
Second lunch (3:30?): a homemade bean burger (154) and 20 pistachios (80).
Dinner: estimated 1 cup of pasta primavera (223, according to MFP) and high estimate of 12.5 oz of wine (but I think it was less, still, gonna say 305 cal, again from MFP), plus two Tostitos (39) an 2 tbsp of homemade guac (46).
Total was 1,307 with no real exercise (though I did walk a total of like 3 miles in sub-zero temperatures (fahrenheit... so below -17 Celsius)). I dunno. Weighed myself when I got home and, even full of pasta, I was the same as I was this morning, so that's cool. Wasn't dehydrated, either, so maybe tomorrow's number will be good to me.

Numbers aside, today was a really good day. I asked two of my professors from last year if they'd write me reference letters for a really cool fellowship program (and they both said yes!), being at the office today was a lot of fun (and I always feel super supported there, I love the people I work with), and I had a nice dinner with my roommate from last year. She sort of bugged me by the end of the year, but seeing her again was really really lovely. She's great in smaller doses, so tonight was a lot of fun. It was a night of good friends, good wine, and good behavior around food! I ate slowly, left pasta on my plate, ate two chips with her homemade guac to be nice but didn't go crazy with them (even though it was delicious), and I'm going to bed hungry!

The plan for tomorrow is oatmeal before a 90-minute dance class, a little lifting (if the stupid fucking lock is fixed), a smoothie and protein-ful salad, then a 7-hour work shift on my feet. Can't wait!

--The Dancer


  1. shhhhhhhh. you're not drunk. you're thinking reasonably well because i'm adorable. and it's true.
    *feels ego boost from compliments* <3 <3 <3
    ohhhhhhh alright. *chuckles* you're adorable. I hope you find it soon dear <3
    a coffee you've been sipping on for 3 hours? damn. that must've gotten cold.
    oh wait. smoothie too.
    still...3 hours? hmmm.
    dude, where did 1,307 calories come from? you've just about barely eaten!
    wow. you're amazing.
    also, enjoy your oatmeal. a 90-min dance class = insane. in fact, the entire day = absolutely fucking insane!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. How did I miss this?! You are too adorable :)