Monday, June 20, 2016

10 down, 21 to go.

137.4 this morning! My waist is 29.25 inches.  I can count on one hand the number of days my waist has been under 29. Usually, even with the baby four-pack (currently at little baby dents, so the 4-pack is on its way!), I'm just 29 even. You can see my ribs at 29, and the jiggle only exists in my lower belly. I just don't have a tiny waist. I'd like to see what it takes to get to 28".
But 137.4,  which is down 3 pounds from 10 days ago--to stay on track, I only needed to lose 2 pounds. So I'm 1 ahead. Yay!
Part of that, of course, was shark week, which started Tuesday and finally retreated on Saturday. Ugh.  But 137.4 with 21 days left to lose before artist lake retreat--1.5 pounds/week is 4.5 down is 132.9.  We'll see.

I wasn't as perfect last week as i had hoped--a lot of healthy food (salad! veggies! chia!) but a couple of b/p sessions, as well. And not as much exercise until the end of the week--did SOMETHING to my ankle, so took a few days off.  But I took two dance classes Wednesday, two Thursday, and one plus rehearsal Saturday and I felt really good through all of them.

This week is an intensive/audition with a local company, plus evening rehearsals for my August show are beginning. So today:
breakfast (oats, raisins, cherries, pb/coffee with soy milk)
work 8:30-9:45
snack (kiwi)
dance 10-12/12:30ish
lunch (an apricot plus tofu peanut "curry" with loads of veg--bell pepper, kale, spinach, and broccoli.  Curry is in quotation marks because the sauce is pb, water, and spices.  But it's delicious!)
dance 12:30/1ish-3
work 3:15-5:45, including snack (banana, chocolate soy milk with protein powder)
rehearsal 6-9
home, shower, dinner (HUGE salad with kale, spinach, celery, edamame, carrot, green beans, and mango).
Altogether that's 1499 cal with 76 grams of protein. Depending on how I'm feeling I might add someone homemade hummus to the salad, or have a kale and banana juice with it.

I'm going to be late if I don't end this here, but know that I'm thinking of all of you.

Stay strong, lovelies.
--The Dancer


  1. baby four pack. i'm not sure if my body knows what muscular definition is.

    i'm so jealous that you've some though. i don't have ANY muscular definition and it's just sad. and aye i know of this lower belly pooch you speak of. i'm surprised that mine hasn't been as prominent as usual these days but i'm expecting it to be more obvious sometime soon.

    oh God, the days of 137. i think my body's forgotten that it used to be at that weight.

    i hope that there are way less b/p sessions this week (and no existent ones at some point!). i rlly hate seeing a person as brilliant as you suffer. i'm not sure what to say because it's such a touchy topic but you're in my thoughts and i wish the best best best for you xxx

    "pb/coffee with soy milk" do you put pb in your coffee?

    oh wait. i just got it. silly Sam.

    oh, is it like when you mix pb and soy sauce for an Asian inspired dish? and along with a handful of actual nuts and what not? or am i thinking of something entirely different?

    i... i am not sure you're real considering you seem to be like one of those characters in a book that are always on their feet with no rest and somehow make you wonder how they could stand to do so much in one day. you're incredible.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. comment reply:

    reading your comment and the way you write said comments makes my heart warm.

    "But exams are done now?" YES. they've been done since May i've just gotten around to posting that exam.

    "breathe. It's over. You're badass." sounds like something i should have tattooed on my bottom.

    but seriously your existence just makes me happy.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. comment reply #2:

    my comment was eated the first time round, but oh my God, that image of a dirt cake/cup into a big red bucket makes me feel so excited. as a kid, anything that was double chocolate or chocolate fudge or all that... God, i wanted to scoff it all down then. the more chocolate, the better... until you get that if-i-eat-another-chocolate-bar-in-my-life-it'll-be-too-soon feeling. unfortunately, i think i've been having 100-150 grams of choco nearly every night for the past week! eek!

    speaking of pizza, spinach and vegetables... <--i'm having this when i turn in i think. funny thing is i expect it to taste awful 'cause it's not red sauce, but i want to eat it now when i have no appetite 'cause 870 calories is a punishing amount to work into anyone's intake. i've also gotten a 800 calorie chocolate bar that needs scoffing whilst i still have very little appetite. c'est la vie i suppose.

    "I hate these people and also secretly want to be one. Veeeerrrrrry secretly. Shhhhhhh." one part of me feels really bad for them 'cause come on, nobody can enjoy eating like this ALL THE TIME, another part of me is secretly envious and a bigger part of me just wants chocolate.

    but you know, here's the funny thing about it: my mates. they're crazy. everyone i know refuses to eat in McDonald's, eats breakfast at 6 in the morning when they wake up and not like Sam who rolls out of her bed just barely, cut down on the amount of syrup in their coffee because 'it's too sweet'... God, the way i feel when my friends order a low-fat cappuccino in the smallest size possible. i think if they made toddler-cup-sized coffees they'd go for it. and funny thing is one of them has a severe anaemia and B12 deficiency... and she's a MEAT EATER. i mean the only time these make any sense is if someone doesn't take in any meat/dairy and doesn't have a proper enough diet/doesn't take any pills. for someone to be a meat eater and have them... i'm surprised. what the hell do they eat?

    oh, Sam's gone off at a tangent. sorry.

    -Sam Lupin