Saturday, June 4, 2016


But this week has been a lot of b/p, so I don't even think it counts.
I still go through cycles with this: it'll be a Big Problem for 1, 2, sometimes even 3 weeks, and then not an issue for a month or more. I don't want to be doing this--it's gross and a total waste of money.
So I'm going to say that I'm not allowed to do it for a whole week. Anything I want to binge on I'll put on a list and next Saturday, if I still want to, I can go and do it then.
In the meantime: tofu scrambles and couscous and fruit and salads and hummus (yes, Sammy, hummus. Infinite hummus. I swear I could eat nothing but.)

This morning: tofu scramble with lots of veggies and an everything bagel with hummus. 570 cal, 28 grams protein. I'm headed to the office in about 20 minutes to prep for the school's Open House. I'll be on my feet from about 9-3:30, talking to college-aged dancers looking for a place to train for the summer, to adult dancers looking to learn, and to parents of children who want to be part of our youth program, selling class packages and enrollments and hopefully making A Metric Fuckton of money.

Then I'll just pop upstairs and go to rehearsal until 5. (I work in a big arts building. There are a ton of tenants, including the dance company I work for, but also a few empty studios that the center itself rents out to independent artists and the like for rehearsals).

THEN I'll come back downstairs and finish off some work at the school, probably. If I'm still standing.

I'll pack a few kiwis and stop at the store on the way to work to pick up a couple Larabars and a green juice. That's my favorite way to get through these open houses (four per year!) because you don't have much time either to sit or to eat a proper meal. So big breakfast and lots of small, easily digestible snacks.

Thank you for the comments on my hair! It was just my natural color before--a light, golden-y brown.  The pink stays until the end of July, then I have another show.

Rehearsal tomorrow morning then audition tomorrow afternoon. I might try to hit the gym after work today in preparation. If I'm being good for a week, then I should be REALLY good. If I did that, even with two kiwis, two larabars, and a green juice, I could have a protein shake afterwards and still be under 1400 cal for the day.

That sounds lovely.
--The Dancer


  1. i love you as much as you love hummus.

    i hope you feel better soon and you're able to stop b/ping. what got me over the p aspect was to eat my food so so slowly that by the time i get up, i can't physically do it anyway. the b aspect took forever to get rid of though.

    good luck my love xx you're such a busy bee, seriously. here am i sitting here catching flies with me mouth.

    i've always wanted to try a Larabar but they don't sell them here. i'm just going to pop to the shops. one day though i hope they import them since they've imported all this stupid Atkins/South Beat Diet bollocks!

    i could've sworn you'd be a natural blonde but golden-y brown is sort of the same right?

    take care of yourself and eat well, alright?

    i love you so much.

    i've no time to reread this comment to make sure i've not said anything offensive so i'm just sat here hoping i didn't! and if i did, i truly did not mean to offend you in any way :)

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I think people underestimate the power of using lists like that. I've done it for years - if I start obsessing over/craving a food, I make a note of it and move on. Knowing it's coming at some point really helps me to stop thinking about it.

    A Metric Fuckton: quite a legit measurement. Imperial Fuckton sounds more like an insult.

    Have a lovely week, my dear <3