Monday, October 28, 2013

Same as yesterday

134 again. Had breakfast (was feeling too shaky to dance without it) and then b/p'd twice throughout the day, so I'm actually rather amazed that I didn't go up.
The plan is breakfast this morning, then black beans and fruit throughout the day. Two dance classes, an hour and a half of rehearsal, then I teach two dance classes, so that's 5.5 hours of movement today. I'd have to seriously fuck up to not see 133.something tomorrow.

...if I can manage a measly half pound a day lost, I'll be under 130 for the show. Holy shit.

Stay strong, lovelies.
--The Dancer

Edit: Big success so far today. Had to go buy something for a dance piece I'm working on, which involved walking past the grocery store. Went in, stared at the baked goods (fruit pies and turnovers). Every time I've been in that grocery store for the past month, I've bought SOMETHING that I've immediately b/p'd on. And today I just walked out. Got a soy latte later as a treat. Much better.

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