Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Because I'm dumb.
Had more to eat than I should have yesterday, which probably would have been fine, but then b/p'd at like 9 pm. Chocolate chip cookies, black bean chips, an entire cherry pie. Like, literally a whole one. WHAT. Who the hell does that.

So a loss, but not a big one. I want to see 132.? tomorrow.

K said I'm getting smaller.
(Of course, she's hypersensitive about this kind of thing, so I don't know how much to trust her judgment.)
But still. If my scale is correct, this is the smallest I've been in well over a year.
(It's not small enough yet.)

Today: planned lunch with a friend. Tomato soup with tofu and steamed kale? If I can have a modicum of self-control, which it seems like, y'know, I can't.
Hopefully that's all for today, but you know how that goes. I just want to not b/p for a bit. I just want to restrict.

Stay strong, lovelies.
--The Dancer

1 comment:

  1. an entire cherry pie? who does that? let's see: anyone that expresses bulimic behaviour.
    guess who knows all about that??
    i would love to see 132 period. that's my goal weight. and now, i'm too damned far away from that!
    you are quite small thinking about it now.
    132. who isn't small as 132
    hopefully you don't b/p. :( b/ping is horrid and takes up so much time! yuck!

    -Sam Lupin