Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still 135.4

And so, so happy about that fact.

Wednesday (last day I posted), I ended up getting pretty sick: high fever, cough, congestion, all of that. The problem (besides generic "being sick sucks") is that I had a show last night and another one tonight, so I NEEDED to be at least BETTER, if not HEALTHY, by last night. So no behaviors were allowed.
I ate. And ate. And slept and didn't workout and didn't really dance and didn't purge at all. I felt awful and bloated and the scale agreed that I'd gained weight.
But this morning, after only one day of sensible eating (not even restricting, really) it's back down to 135.4. I can't wait to get lower.

The goal right now is 130 by November 8th. That's 13 days, so I'm fairly confident that I'll crush that goal. November 8th is my company's major dance show, and onstage=must be thin. The costumes for one of the pieces is also MAYBE nude undergarments (the choreographer is still deciding) and nothing else, so I definitely don't want to be distracted by self-consciousness.

Today I have rehearsal this morning and a show tonight. The plan is to grab breakfast in half an hour (oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit), rehearse, work on my senior thesis all afternoon, then a small dinner before the show.

Here's hoping for 135 even tomorrow.
--The Dancer


  1. Urg, that sounds awful. I'm glad it didn't last too long and you recovered in time for the show.
    Good luck with your goal. Prancing about in undergarments sounds terrifying to me, regardless of weight.
    Take care dear xx

  2. oops for being sick when you need to be well that's just about the worst
    i'm so jealous of that 135.4 you have no idea i'm like 141.7lbs at the moment!
    'crush that goal'. makes me laugh.
    good luck with that then cutie!!!
    and prancing around in ;D

    -Sam Lupin