Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I am finally, finally back below 134.
(I was at 134 even when I woke up on Monday after the drinking, went up yesterday morning by less than a pound (but it still counts)).
With my schedule today, I'm almost certain I can be in the 132s tomorrow.

I also purged four days in a row, which is just bullshit. I went three fucking weeks without purging (and an entire month without coffee! Addictions can be broken, yo).
So here's the challenge. 4 days of purging? 4 days purge-free. I am absolutely NOT ALLOWED to purge today through Saturday. Just can't happen. Nope, sorry, deal with your fat like everyone else.
The only rule is under 1000 calories and some kind of exercise (besides dancing) every day.
I have 18 days until Spring Concert, which is this awesome all-day outdoor music festival my school throws. Sunshine and beer and bikinis. I WILL look hot as fuck this year, mark my words.
125. 125 for Spring Concert would be great, then 120 by graduation three weeks later.
Totally manageable. Not even a problem.

Love you all! Skinny days and happy thoughts.
--The Dancer


  1. i'm jealous. super jealous.
    i'm currently sitting at 135 and that's after suddenly losing 2lbs in a day (no clue as to why). before that day, i did not weigh but i consumed at LEAST 2500 calories.
    so yeah. maybe i have a metabolism.
    yes. no more purging. good.
    what? 'some kind of exercise (besides dancing) every day'. you are absolutely insane seriously
    good luck, honey.
    and yay for happy thoughts :3

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Wooooo, congrats chicka :D Three weeks without purging and a month without coffee is amazing, I don't think I could survive that long without caffeine lol. Love xx