Saturday, July 13, 2013

It is 1 pm.

Thus far today I have:

Woken at 6 am.
Drank three mugs of water, one of coffee.
Made a list of dance MFA programs to apply for (there are 10).
Had oatmeal with a peach and peanut butter. More oats and more peanut butter than the past two days.
Read more of Wasted.
B/p'd. Binge, Round One: Oreos. Frosted Flakes with soymilk (not mine. Stupid greedy thieving bitch). Oatmeal with a peach and peanut butter. Soy "beef", fried in canola oil and soy sauce. Didn't feel full enough to purge. Went to Whole Foods, brought food back to the dorms.
Binge, Round Two: Salt and pepper chips, grapes, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate mousse, tater tots, chicken fried tofu.
Binge, Round Three: The rest of the tofu, strawberry rhubarb, and chocolate mousse. A (huge) carrot cake cupcake.
Finished Wasted. I found that I like to read Wasted or Wintergirls or ED blogs or weight loss blogs/forums while I eat. It feels awful and oh so wonderful.

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