Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That countdown, by the way, is until my 21st birthday.
I want to be 120 by then.
I'm 143 right now. But I gained a LOT of muscle at the dance festival, and I'm definitely smaller than I was the last time I was at 143.
So that's nice.
I still want to be 120 for my 21st.

Was going to get up this morning at 6:30 to go for a run, but I was up from 1:30-4, so when my alarm went off... yeah, that didn't happen. Did Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown (35 minutes). It was a workout! That long for yoga usually burns about 100 calories, so I'd estimate I burned 150 on this.
Breakfast was black coffee with cinnamon.
Brunch on the beach (11 am) was steamed spinach and tomato, a kiwi, and 10 grapes. 102 calories.
It's 1:30 pm and that's all I've had today. About to go out shopping with the parents, then my dad wants to go to a Mongolian Grill for dinner. Even though the sauces are probably high in calories, I can get a huge bowl of broccoli, cabbage, and sprouts and just make that last all evening. Not bad.

Got 2 new (very, very cute) shirts. Both the smallest size the store had. One is actually a little large on me. Fuck yeah. The store owner goes around to fashion shows and buys clothing from them, so there wasn't anything particularly big in the store, and I was terrified that I was going to be too huge for the clothing, but I wasn't. Not in the least. That was a really good feeling.

Had an entire red bell pepper (31 cal) and a tbsp of hummus (25 cal) before we left to go shopping (around 2) so I wouldn't go insane at the grill.
Had dinner at 5. I had three plates that totaled about 550 calories. Two plates of grilled vegetables (one with pineapple), and a plate of salad. 200 of those calories are me estimating the sauces, so I had 350 of solid food. Totally avoided the noodles and rice. Fuck yeah.
We were walking around for about three hours shopping, as well. I'll assume I burned 300 calories with that.

The day, then, is as totals:
Intake: 705 calories.
Output: 450 calories.
Net: 255 calories.
"If every day were like today, you'd weigh 126.4 pounds in 5 weeks"
(Thanks, MyFitnessPal! Looking forward to it.)

At more. Purged. With parents in condo. Again.

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