Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Woke up feeling f.a.t.
(What else is new?)

Woke up at 8. Was supposed to wake up at 6:30 to go for a run. That didn't happen. I EVEN WENT TO BED AT LIKE 11 WHY WAS I SO EXHAUSTED? Ugh. Fatass. Lazy.
Breakfast was 2 tbsp of soymilk and cinnamon in about 2 cups of coffee.
Around 11 I had a kiwi and then went out and laid by the pool for like two hours. I wanted to swim laps but there were just so many people around and I don't swim very well and I would have been super self conscious. So that didn't happen.
I've made a huge salad (spinach, tomato, red pepper, avocado, and soy nuts) that's 468 calories for the entire bowl and I told my parents (who are now on a "health kick" kindofsortof) that I was going to have it for lunch and dinner (they probably think I'll have it with something else, but whatever) and that was the plan but then I ate the kiwi. So. I dunno. I'm hoping I'll have some for lunch, some for dinner, and the rest at some point tomorrow. But even if I eat it all today, that's 520 calories total today which is definitely not bad, especially if I workout.

We're going to an outlet mall to go shopping tomorrow. I'm hoping to really re-do my wardrobe this year. It's my last year of college before I go out and try to make it as a dancer/choreographer, aka in the artsy world where self expression is super important, and I just want to... I dunno... make my clothes funkier. And my parents are feeling super generous right now, so gonna get some clothes out of them now and then just spend a lot of time back at school thrifting. I don't want to buy anything unless I love it 100%, and that'll be so much easier when I'm skinny.

So anyway.
I need to feel skinny tomorrow so I don't have a breakdown in a dressing room like I have every other time (except yesterday!) that I've tried to go shopping in the last, oh, year.
Yeah. Ugh.
Anyway. It's 1 pm and all I've had is a kiwi and coffee and green tea, so maybe I can skip lunch altogether and just have some of the salad for dinner. Maybe not even half. Hmm.

Stay skinny, loves. <3

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  1. oh feeling fat. comes with the ED really.
    omg dude I slept in at 2pm
    actually its nearly 6am now (haven't slept yet can you tell)
    that sounds bland (the coffee) because usually I need a shit load of creamer and my coffee has to be seriously calorific to taste good
    adagkwstw how
    enjoy your lettuce - I mean salad ;)


    love you,
    the avid pescatarian,
    Sam Lupin xo