Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Low

132.4. Down 1.6 pounds from yesterday.
...but I would be lying if I said I had maintained the fast. I didn't binge, but I ate. 1 cup of black beans (227) and a roma tomato (13) around 3:45. At 4:30, I had to leave to walk to work, taught two dance classes (though I did have a break in between), and walked back, getting home around 8:15.

I'm glad that I ate. Given how many moments of weakness I felt during class, I'm about 97% sure that, had I not eaten, I either would have passed out at work or on the 1-mile, snowy, sub-0 temperature walk each way. (That's sub-0-Fahrenheit. -18 Celsius, I believe.)
And I'm still 132.4 this morning. I haven't been this weight in over a year and a half.

5.4 pounds away from my lowest weight ever.
10 pounds lower than what I was maintaining most of last year.
Almost 20 pounds lower than my highest weight ever.

Less than 20 pounds away from my current UGW (113).

Holy fucking hell, guys.

But here's something else: I want to be tiny, but I also want to be ripped. Abs, guns, a great back, you name it. Small but strong, and visibly so. I think the plan right now, then, is to continue restriction/cardio/general fat loss until I go home (one more week). When I get home, I'll focus more on body recomposition. Strength training and lots of protein, with a couple days of endurance work thrown in every week. I have two and a half weeks at home before term starts again, so hopefully that will be enough to build a bit of extra muscle. A four-pack by the end of the year? Sounds possible.

Stay strong, lovelies.
--The Dancer

Edit: I just came across this and it made me smile. A lot. Hope it can make your days a little happier, too.

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  1. omg the dog i can't stop staring at it its just so
    and 132.4. dammit, lady.
    and black beans and tomatoes are like nothing. i wouldn't eaten them because they are nothing.
    when you said -18 degrees Celsius i just about choked on my own spit
    highest weight - wait. almost twenty pounds...huh. i wonder what your highest is. 132.4 is like 84.6 pounds less than my highest weight ever
    i am currently 5 pounds fatter than you at 137 and have 'only' lost about 80lbs. xD literally. fuck.
    crazy lady. tiny and ripped.
    i just want to not have fat around my ass. that is all i want in life. less ass fat and thigh fat and then i could be happy. oh, and tummy flab too.
    the thing is my waist is not huge - it's just flabby. fsolgskoptkq525 problems of lazy girls like me

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. take care of yourself, Dancey! (not sure where that came from. thinking of Hugh Dancey.)
    PS. Hugh Dancey is beautiful so you are now Dancey.