Monday, November 18, 2013

133.4 again

That's a bit disappointing.
(Except, hey, that's 6 pounds in four days. So. Y'know.)

Less disappointing? I actually signed up for a Tough Mudder last night. Like, actually really. I have 8 months to prepare. Thoughts of training and high-protein meals have overtaken thoughts of b/p and hardcore restriction. For now, at least. I know once the excitement fades, I'll have to fight for it, but for now it's nice not to have to.

It's gonna be so great!

Hope you're all having lovely days.
Stay strong.
--The Dancer

1 comment:

  1. don't be disappointed.
    one thing i do note about losing weight very quickly that it's very hard to keep off as well.
    i've been trying to get to the bloody 63 kilos for a long time now and now that i'm filling in it, it takes a day of a lot of eating to bounce back to 64.something kilos. it's not much of a difference but my weight is more "stable". just something to appreciate about maintenance - it does give the body time to adjust to this new weight that it's not been at before and i'd have to say - it doesn't take too long either!
    :) i'm glad that your excitement is ignited. i hope it stays for quite a long time now missy!
    what the bloody hell is tough mudder
    it looks like fucking hell
    note: you are actually 1lb above my current goal (possibly ultimate) weight. it is 132 at the moment despite us being the same height. funny, is it not? i'd actually kill to see 133.something on my scale (actually, more like 60.something considering that my scale measures in kilos so...)

    -Sam Lupin