Friday, November 15, 2013


Pregaming and getting ready to go out (by myself--K has papers due tomorrow) and all I can think is that I would be stunning if I just had visible cheekbones (and, y'know, 5% bodyfat. Whatever). That sounds conceited as fuck, but I have big lips and dramatic eyes. If I could just get the cheekbones, things would be great.

How many pounds do I have to lose for that?
(134 after last b/p session today. Who knows if that will go up or down after a night of drinking.)

Cara Delevingne has great cheekbones and BMI of 16.4. 16.4 on me would be like 94 pounds.
...I guess we'll see.

Have a lovely night, my dears. I was going to stay in tonight, and then I thought, "well, what's the point in working to be thin and gorgeous if I don't get to enjoy it on a night out?"

See you tomorrow for a weigh in. I'm hoping to keep the 134. 135 would also be acceptable.
--The Dancer

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