Thursday, November 14, 2013


I woke up this morning at 139.4.

I was convinced it was going to be at least 142, 143. But I'm still in 13--.

Let's see. Monday I b/p'd. Tuesday I b/p'd and then ate more. Wednesday (yesterday) I ate and ate and ate and ate. It was a "fuck you, fuck this, fuck everything, I don't care" kind of eating. I finished an entire pint of soy cookie dough ice cream and a beer at 8:15 pm last night. So it's been 13.5 hours without food. 36 oz of tea, working on the same of coffee.

I don't have dance again until Monday. I think I'm going to just not eat until then.
I was at 139.5 when I attempted to fast down to 133 over the summer. I made it about 94 hours then and was at 134 when I broke.
I'm going to try again.
I'm going to succeed this time.
133, bitches. Here I come.

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