Thursday, November 14, 2013

Breaking Patterns

Well, I b/p'd twice today.
So food passed my lips before 133. At least none of it stayed down.

But I broke the pattern. After my second session I scrubbed the toilet, showered, did a face mask, brushed my teeth twice, used sugar scrub on my lips, covered myself in lovely smelling lotion, started laundry, and put the rest of the food I have in our lounge for the floor to eat. I am in control of making myself beautiful.
Post-b/p I was at 137. I know a lot of that is dehydration, but I'm hoping to down 48 oz of water and 48 of herbal tea (halfway on both) so I don't end up retaining water. If you're dehydrated, a little bit of water will stay in your system, but if you overload it, you don't get the water weight. 137 or below tomorrow morning would be excellent.

Water and tea and perfection-to-be.

I absolutely will get down to 133 by Monday morning.
I absolutely will not let food pass my lips again until that time.

This b/p weight gain bullshit is one pattern that WILL be broken.
I'll distract myself by planning my diet for when I begin eating again.
I love planning. I'm sure you all know that by now.

--The Dancer

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