Sunday, August 4, 2013


Thought process this morning:

I didn't gain. Thank god. Fucking relief.
...I lost! I actually lost!
If I hadn't eaten at all last night, I TOTALLY could have been under 140. Fatass.
It is 100% possible to see the 130s tomorrow. Any modicum of self control will make that a reality.

It's currently 4:30 pm and I've yet to leave the house. I ended up not only unpacking, but going through all of my clothing and sorting some out to be donated or thrown away, and I'm in the process of cleaning the rest of my room.
I just had an early dinner/late lunch--half of a cucumber with a tbsp of hummus and five slices (one serving) on Yves meatless deli ham. That plus the soymilk in coffee throughout the day (half cup total) is 179 calories for the day AND 18 grams of protein. I'm very happy about that intake.
"If every day were like today, you'd weigh 125.4 lbs in 5 weeks!"

Going to drink tea and water until I go to bed tonight in hopes of seeing 139 tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow I (I THINK) start a two-week dance intensive, which runs from 9 am to 4 pm six days a week. That also means that I need to eat at least breakfast and lunch every day, because six hours of dance on no food is not a thing that can happen.
I think if I keep my intake in the 750-1000 range during the intensive, I'll still be able to lose and everything will be okay.

ALSO: I've somehow skyrocketed from 8 to 12 followers in the last week, so THANK YOU to everyone who reads my ramblings! <3


  1. Oh hi - I'd be one of those new followers :)

    Good luck with the dance intensive. 36hrs of dancing each week would have to burn a lot, I think you'll definitely be fine to up your intake.

    Take care xx

  2. 141 :3 I want that on my scale tomorrow ok
    MFP is such a fucking liar with those I swear
    omg one time I seriously overate (I was 66.2kg at that point) and it's like 'if every day were like this, you'd be at 67.1kg in 5 weeks!') and I was like fuck you. omg. I am at 67.1kg today. fatass Sam. i'm like 6.6lbs higher than you! that is a good amount, right? I've never weighed under 142.5. be grateful my cupcake x
    fucking hell
    all that dancing tho

    -Sam Lupin