Thursday, August 1, 2013

Incentives, Incentives

Good day, dollfaces.

Has anyone else found that when they don't eat, they either sleep all.the.time. or don't sleep at all?
Because that's me.
I tried to go to bed at 11 last night, didn't end up sleeping until about 12:30, then was up from 2-4:30, then ACTUALLY got up at 7:30. It's like not-eating fills me with so much adrenaline that I just CAN'T sleep.
Oh well. You burn more calories when you're aware, right?

I spent most of that time reading Rayya's archives. I'm up to February 2012. Something she recently (er... "recently" as in "in-January-or-Febraury-of-2012") mentioned was buying nail polish and wrapping them up individually, to be unwrapped when she reaches her goal weights.
Well, I'm a Julep Maven, which is basically this program that's free to sign up for where you automatically get a $20 box of polish each month (but you can skip any given month and not get charged [which I do often, 'cause funds aren't THAT high]) and also on the first of each month you get access to their "secret store" where there's a lot of produce 50%+ off. SO. At like 3 am I spent $45 on polish (a really pretty pastel trio and a "secret box" which has $100-$200 worth of mystery product) and am going to do the same thing. I may or may not be a bit of a nail polish and lipstick junkie. It might be a slight problem. But whatever. Gonna use it to my advantage.
I think it'll be every three pounds I lose (and keep off for more than a day), I get to open a polish.
I don't know what I weigh right now, because there's no scale at this condo. Alas.

I was hoping to keep not-eating today, but I think my parents are going to insist on a sit-down-all-together dinner. All I've had today is soymilk in coffee, a Starbucks Refresher (60 cal!), and a couple of nibbles of sample stuff that my parents kept offering. Definitely under 150 right now.
Hopefully I'll be able to eat just vegetables, maybe so beans. I think that should be okay, especially because we spent almost 6 hours walking around the outlet mall today.
It was a good shopping trip. I didn't break down in a dressing room AT ALL, AND I got TWO new pairs of jeans! One is a 4, one is a 6. Loads of new shirts, too--all S or XS. Hoping in six months time I'll be a 2-4 and definitively XS, but whatever. My waist, in a lot of stores, is about a size 2, but my hips/thighs are a 4 or 6. Hmph.

Hoping if I have to eat dinner, I'll be able to go for a walk later. Also absolutely exhausted right now, though, so maybe not.

Either way, a solid day.
Hope you guys are doing well, too!

(Also, I have two new followers! HI!
And thanks for your lovely comments, Sam Lupin. :) Today's been a lot better, and I'm almost 24 hours without purging! Hope you're doing well.)

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  1. i'm so glad i got to reading your blog. there's a lot of things i like about you.
    1) that you want to lose weight but keep your body strong and healthy
    2) that i think you're vegan or at least vegetarian?
    3) that you eat healthy foods
    4) we seem to share the nail polish / lipstick addiction
    5) and i don't know, we just seem to have a lot in common :D
    (except that i'd never fit in XS and i'm definitely NOT at size 2...)