Thursday, August 1, 2013



After "dinner" (spinach and tomato) I binged on an  almost-full box of Poptarts (not vegan, by the way. I suck.) amongst other things.
And my mom noticed they were gone.
And she asked if I knew where they were.
And I said no, because she KNOWS they're not vegan, and if I had admitted to eating them, she would know something was up, and anyway I had literally JUST gotten done purging (with shower as cover), so yeah, no.
And I know it was stupid to eat them because they're not something I would normally eat and I'm an only child so obviously they think I'm the one that's lying (except not, because I've been vegan for 8 years and I "wouldn't eat something that had an animal product in it!") and they're still looking for them and commenting on how weird it is and they WON'T LET IT GO.

I'm shaking. I'm about to fucking cry.
What if they find out?
What if everything unravels because of this fucking box of poptarts?
I'm such a fucking idiot.
If I had better self control, I wouldn't have binged in the first place.
And now it's going to destroy everything.



  1. its no problem (I read your last entry but decided it was more fitting to post a comment on the new one)
    I love how you added "dinner" you do know spinach and tomatoe is not dinner. its grass with tomatoe.
    they'll forget about it
    fuck though
    how the hell are you a vegan for 8 years
    I can't be a vegan for 8 hours i'll go ballistic and eat a whole chicken (okay not true im a pescatarian). vegans can't have sushi or pizza. that makes me sad.

    fpskfpskgs noooo don't cry my love fuck
    how the hell are they going to find out?
    my suggestion: buy some and replace it in some mysterious location before they find out - chances are they'll find it
    :( aw love
    well you purge because you binge but purging leaves you prone to binging - vicious cycle is it not my cuddly teddy bear?

    -Sam Lupin

  2. yep, you're vegan :D
    i've definitely had the same sort of situation, but i have my little sister to blame so things went well for me. otherwise, i'd definitely replace them as well.
    also, i've only been "officially" vegetarian for 4 months, and i'm only starting on veganism now, so respect to you. you started being vegan at 12? that's AWESOME.