Thursday, August 8, 2013

24 hours down... how many to go?

142 last night right after the binge.
139.5 this morning.
I'm relieved that I didn't break 140 for more than a few hours.
24 hours without food, 138.5.

I had 30 calories today in the form of half a can of Orange Melon Starbucks Refreshers Energy Drink (had the other half yesterday). Besides that, black coffee and water.
Almost made and consumed a full batch of pancakes. Didn't. Success.

I'm hoping to drop down to 137 tomorrow morning. I dunno. We'll see.
If I can drink another two bottles of water and a mug or two of green tea with lemon before bed, I think I should get there.
Then it's just 4 more pounds until food. Probably a 72 hour fast in total. I think the longest I've gone is 56-ish hours, but that was with dance. Given the lack of exercise that's been happening recently, I don't think I'll have a problem making it to 72.
If it takes longer than 72, fine. Not another piece of food will pass my lips until I see 133 on the scale.
And then food which will be carefully planned, controlled, and spaced throughout the day, because we all know if I start eating without a plan, I won't stop until it hurts.
I'm thinking a 1250 calorie deficit a day--that will make me lose 2.5 pounds a week. So if I don't exercise at all, I get to eat ((BMR*1.2)-1250)=370 calories. More if I exercise.

ALSO: thank you to everyone who's been reading and commenting! Sam Lupin and Skinny Bitch especially, your commenting sprees made my day. :)
To ANYONE who's commented (Bella and Warlock's Mistress, looking at you guys) : I'm working through your blog archives and I'll subscribe/start commenting when I'm caught up, promise! Much love to all of you. <3


  1. Oooh, I got a real live mention!!!
    I'm feeling special now.
    Literally glowing. :)

    72 hours fasting is a long time.
    I'd get SOOO dizzy. I already do every time I stand up too fast.
    Just be careful with it, k?

  2. haha. my pleasure :D
    the longest i've gone fasting (and i do mean WATER fasting) is 2 weeks. yes i'm bragging, it's pretty much the accomplishment i'm most proud of in my life. but the point is that honestly, the first 3 days are the hardest. it's a piece of cake after that. (of course, exercise as little as possible during the fast or you'll never last)
    do be careful when you break your fast though - that's always where i screw up. i maybe do well the first few days of reintroducing food, but then i go mad and i get food poisoning. i've passed out in the bathroom because of that. *good times*
    i am not trying to scare you at all and i wish you good luck! fasts are so rewarding.

  3. Good luck with the next 48. These days my blood sugars can't hold up for more than a day of fasting. 72hrs and I'd be comatose, hah.

    Stay as safe as you can dear.
    Keep us updated!

  4. You're blog is one of the most interesting I've read in a while ♥. How is it going so far? Have you dropped as much as you wanted to? Well, 72h aren't over yet and may be hard, but you can do it :D! We all know you can! I'm already excited to hear/read about it.
    Stay strong
    xoxo Claudelle

  5. still in that sexy 130 region eh?
    24 hours - what is up with you girls and fasts? I want to fast now asdfghjkl;
    56 hours. the longest I made it to was a whole week. and I gained the weight back on in 3 days. that's how perfect I am asopfogkpskmgs
    that sounds good. that deficit thing.
    aw! thank you sweetie! I NOTICE HOW MY NAME IS FIRST its because im perf

    -Sam Lupin

  6. sam you're not perf, it's alphabetical okay.