Saturday, August 3, 2013


It's sad that I'm excited about 141.5, but there it is.
(Especially because it's the afternoon and I had breakfast and everything.)
...if I just drinkanddrinkanddrink water and tea until tonight, I might be under 140 tomorrow morning? I tend to fluctuate a lot, and I had that huge meal yesterday, so maybe?

But even if not.
Here's the thing.
I want to weigh 120 lbs on my 21st birthday (October 10th). That's only 21.5 lbs down from what I am now. 21.5 lbs in 68 days. That's barely over 2 lbs a week! Holy shit, that's TOTALLY possible. I'm feeling super super positive about this.

(Today's intake: 500 calories exactly. The breakfast and lunch I mentioned earlier plus a Starbacks Orange Melon Refresher Energy Drink thingy. They're 60 calories and delicious and filling.)

Stay skinny. <3


    that sounds possible, but i'm all a more sustainable loss kind of girl ^_^ omg though but if I can lose like half of that in that time i'd love it i'd be like 136 by then (i'm 147ish I think). that or 146. one of them.

    I cannot explain my fear of fruit to anyone you see
    sf[skgs :3
    -Sam Lupin

    1. I was 138 before all of this ED stuff started, so I always feel like any weight I lose that keeps me above that is just fixing mistakes or something, and real loss starts when I hit 138. Which is silly, but oh well.

      2 pounds a week is the upper limit of "healthy, sustainable" weight loss (whatever da fuck that means). And honestly, I'd be happy(ish) if I were just below 130 by that time, but if I SAY that, then I might get lazy and end up not losing at all.

      Why are you afraid of fruit?