Saturday, August 3, 2013


Yesterday and today (so far, it's only 7:30 am) have been serious foodfests.

We left the beach yesterday and drove to have dinner with my dad's relatives, about three hours away. The plan was to not eat until dinner with them, then have salad.
About that.
Y'see. Breakfast. Was a thing. A handful of nuts, some dried fruit. Then another handful of both. Then an apple. Then the remainder of a salad that we either had to eat or throw out (but that's like 20 calories of vegetables, so I'm not that bothered).
I was panicking a little, but it was like, hey, so I ate some fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Nothing awful. It'll be fine. High in calories (because you're a fat pig and ate huge portions), but good for you.
Well. During the roadtrip we stopped at a gas station and for some inexplicable reason I got Swedish Fish AND Sour Patch Kids AND Oreos. So I had like 400 calories of gummy candy plus the Oreos. Fucking hell.
AND THEN the salad I was supposed to have for dinner? Yeah, got a veggie burger with avocado instead. I'm not mad about this. It was a really nice all vegan/vegetarian restaurant, everything was INCREDIBLY delicious. I thought about purging it, but the guilt at the price and just the general atmosphere was too much. But again, not bad. If that had been the only thing I ate yesterday, I would have considered the day a success.

As is, it was a massive failure. My stomach is huge. I swear I can feel the fat growing on me. 8 hour roadtrip today, so couldn't do laxatives and also can't spend the day drinking water to flush everything out.
And, to top that off, I already had breakfast. Oats with peanut butter and a banana (250 cal). I grabbed two free bags of dried fruit and nuts (both 90 calories), so I think I can claim those as a lunch, which puts me at 430 for the day. Hopefully I'll be able to skip dinner, too.

(Also holy shit I'm going home which means I have a scale. I don't know if I can face getting on it or not. Ahhhh.)

Hope your days are thinner than mine. <3

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  1. what kinda food fests yum
    breakfast sounded damn healthy.
    though that sounds like a better day
    :( nooooooo awww
    sfpskgpsk I want my lax to work!
    yuuuuuuuuuuuum porridge with peanut butter! I thought I was the only one who do.
    spfskgpsk 430 calories. im eating 350 calories of cereal right now! yum! :3

    also my days are never thin. I was at a fattening buffet yesterday and ate 3 plates of food
    bad Sam
    -Sam Lupin