Saturday, August 3, 2013


I ate more.

Seems my days always go like this: not-eat not-eat not-eat not-eat EAT.

No purging. Back home now, so that's a non-option.
Took laxatives, gonna keep guzzling down this bottle of water.

Tomorrow will be a day entirely devoted to not eating.
I have a plan!
I will wake up, drink coffee.
Dress nicely, do my nails, do my makeup.
At this point it'll probably be noon.
I'll take my laptop and some books to Starbucks and get a refresher or some black coffee and
a) Read some German, because I want to get my abilities back up.
b) Work on my novel.
c) Work on choreography stuff.

I won't come home until after eight, at which point it will be FAR too late to eat. I might work on some beading.

That is how I will stay away from food ALL DAY tomorrow.
Because fuck.this.shit.

1 comment:

  1. i want to know german too! maybe one day i'll really get into it. maybe.
    oooo what's your novel about? i've always wanted to write one.
    and yikes i do beading too!
    are we twins or something?