Saturday, June 15, 2013

And again.

Today was going well.
Espresso for breakfast.
Apple and 20 almonds as a mid-morning snack.
1/2 can black beans with a tomato and half of a bell pepper for lunch. Then an apple with peanut butter.
A carrot and 1/4 cup roasted soynuts as a snack.

...dinner was SUPPOSED to be couscous with bell pepper. That would have brought me to 1272 cal for the day.
It wasn't.
I didn't want to cook.
So I had another apple with peanut butter. Then a few spoonfulls of peanut butter.
Then a carrot with hummus. Then the second half of the bell pepper with hummus.
Then I wanted more hummus so I had almonds with it. I must have had at least 40 or 50 almonds.
That leaves me around 2200 calories for the day. WHICH, given that I danced for five hours, is still low enough that I can lose weight on it.
It's just not low enough.

Moral of the story: GO FUCKING COOK DINNER NEXT TIME. Not cooking what you planned leads to binging.
Binging on pretty healthy things, sure. But binging. Ugh.

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