Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I skipped breakfast today (just coffee with light chocolate soymilk) and I felt AWFUL during class.

2 hour dance classes should not be done on an empty stomach.
Right. Will keep that in mind for the future.
I want to try something for a week and see how it turns out.

My BMR is 1470.
I'm going to aim to eat 1470 calories a day.
That means that my body has exactly what it needs and I won't be tempted to binge.
That seems like a lot, I know. But remember that I'm dancing intensely at least 4 hours (usually more) every day. On top of this, I'm going to make a point of working out more--I haven't felt like I've had the energy to do so, but that's probably because I've been restricting all day and then eating shit.

My daily diet will be something like:
Breakfast: Oats with banana and peanut butter, coffee with light chocolate soymilk.
Lunch: Brown rice, refried beans, and tomato with fruit.
Dinner Beans with bell pepper and fruit.
The remaining calories will come from snacking on fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

I'll burn about 1400 calories a day through exercise if I stick to 45 minutes of the elliptical every day, which means that if I'm taking in exactly what my body needs to maintain itself, I'll still lose 2.8 lbs/week through exercise.
I have 4 and a half weeks before I'm at the beach, so that's 12.6 pounds.

This will actually start tomorrow--I feel absolutely awful, so I'm going to skip my next class (whoops) and take a nap instead, hoping that will make me feel better. That also means no working out today, because I REALLY don't want to push it and end up worse for the wear. I have four and a half more weeks near, I don't want to get sick NOW and have it linger with me.

But starting tomorrow? Eat clean, train hard, get sexy. Awwwwyeah.

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