Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day Two Report

6/12 Intake
9:30 am. Ripped Fuel, coffee, 1.5 cups cantaloupe chunks, 15 almonds. 188 calories.
4:30 pm. Ripped Fuel, 5 cashews. 47 calories.
7 pm. Salad (arugula, vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds, half a pear). 7 baby carrots. 5 cherry tomatoes. 5 cashews. 373 calories.
Total: 608 calories. 

My motivations:

This dance festival. 6 weeks of incredible dance, amazingly in-shape, attractive people, and hopefully some lovely new friends.
The beach. With  my parents as soon as the dance festival ends.
The ex. Friends for two years. Dated for six months. Broke up just over a month ago. I really, really want to hook up with him when school starts again.
I think he'd be down.
Gotta be hot if that's going to happen.
(Also I miss him like crazy and want to be with him and if we stay good friends like we were and then just keep hooking up maybe we'll get back together? But that's stupid.)
Senior year of college. I just want college pictures I'm not ashamed of.
My 21st. Beginning of October.
Auditions. No one wants a fat cow in their dance company or MFA program.

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