Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Three, Still Strong

Day went well, I think.
Flew to this dance festival, hence the weird eating times.

4:20 am. Half/three-quarters of a small apple. 33 cal.
9:30 am. Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and pretzels. Strawberry banana naked juice. 640 cal.
6:30 pm. Oatmeal. No measuring cups, but I think about 1/2 cup. 150 cal.
Total: 823 cal.

Again--not much exercise, but lots of walking/standing/carrying bags/moving stuff, so I'm pretty okay with this.
Intense dance times start tomorrow. Have to go to get groceries before they do. I'll be dancing about 5 hours tomorrow. SO EXCITED. But also, that means higher intake. WHICH IS FINE. Because I need food to dance. Just, y'know, when you see a >1,000 intake tomorrow, that's why.

Except hahajk just caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror in the bathroom. IT'S BAD. Really, really bad. a;lsdfjka;lsfjka;slfkd

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