Friday, June 7, 2013


Ate about 1200 calories yesterday, most of those unplanned.
Didn't work out yesterday.
But I maintained.
I maintained because my BMR is about 1400, and because I didn't eat over that.

See? I control this shit.

It's 10 am right now, haven't eaten since 6 pm last night. Sort of hungry, but not really. I don't have classes today (finals period!), but I do have a meeting at 1.
The plan:
Drink tea and lemon water and work on this paper until about 12:30.
At 12:30, have roasted broccoli with lemon in a wrap--3 cups of broccoli plus the wrap will be 190.
Meeting at 1, dunno how late that'll go.
Go straight to the gym, run 3-4 miles, elliptical for 45 minutes.
Home, shower, paper.
Around 6, have 1/3 cup oatmeal with a pear. 190 cal. Maybe some mango if I'm really hungry. (another 90).

Drinking tonight, so want something in my stomach. Total for the day will be 380-470, depending on the mango. Plus calories from alcohol.
I'll probably burn 450-550 at the gym.

If I stick to this, I WILL lose.
Can't wait to see it on the scale tomorrow!

Also: shark week started this morning, which means at some point in the next two days I'll lose about 2 pounds without even trying.

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